What We Do

We’ll  help enhance the way you go to market, improve sales performance and develop new business more effectively

Success is determined by our ability to deliver the specific outcomes you tell us you want to achieve. Here are some of the most common objectives our clients have.

Objective 1

It’s widely accepted that sales people are most effective when in front of a decision maker. The hard part is getting them there in the first place.  

  • Prospecting is a specific skill
  • New business development can stagnate if sales people don't like cold calling, don't have the time or simply don't have the right skills or experience
  • Outsourcing ensures a consistent focus on new business and increases the face to face selling time of your people
  • As a result, engagement levels increase, and sales performance improves

Objective 2

Developing new markets is a great growth strategy and reduces your dependency on existing customers. The downside is that it's not an easy thing to do, it takes time and investment.  

  • You don’t want to use existing resources as this could negatively impact your day to day sales performance
  • You can't recruit until you’ve properly qualified the opportunity and built a business case for investment
  • You might not understand the market, how it works, or the most effective way in
  • Our experience means we can accelerate the process without impacting your core business
  • We already know the market, how it works and what approach will be most effective and can quickly create the decision maker engagement you need
  • We offer a fast and effective way to test new markets without significant investment in additional resources

Objective 3

Having 'key account' type relationships with strategically important clients is essential but if you fail to secure the right level of buy-in at all levels you risk leaving the door open for your competitors.   

  • Do you have supply chain agreements or preferred supplier arrangements but haven't seen the sales growth you'd expect?
  • How well do you really know these clients?
  • Do you have a relationship with ALL the key influencers?
  • Do you know how they work and what they need from you?
  • Securing the agreement is one thing but you can’t rely on the client to make it work so you need to drive the agenda yourself
  • We’ve helped many clients improve the return they get from key accounts and supply chain agreements and can help you do the same

Objective 4

Anybody can book meetings and be 'busy' but what's important is booking the right meetings, with the right people, at the right time in the sales process - and this is where good qualification comes into play.

  • Poor qualification can lead to a lot of wasted effort and can significantly reduce your conversion rate
  • Every opportunity we create for you would meet strict, pre-agreed criteria
  • As standard, the qualification we provide will include:
    • Client Overview, type & size of business, structure & locations
    • Details of specific projects, future requirements & general levels of interest
    • The decision-making unit and decision-making processes
    • Primary decision drivers
    • Incumbent suppliers, products/services & levels of satisfaction
    • Willingness to consider alternative products/services/suppliers
    • Identify any 3rd party decision makers that can influence specification, selection and procurement decisions
  • Arming your sales people with this information before they meet with a prospect ensures better preparation, facilitates a more informed discussion and increases the chances of a successful outcome

Objective 5

Many businesses suffer from peaks and troughs but, there are things you can do to reduce the frequency and impact this has on your business.   

  • Good sales consistency requires a constant focus on 3 core parts of the sales process; prospecting, development and closing
  • Sales people naturally focus on closing as it’s their primary measure of success
  • In doing so, the prospecting and development process gets neglected - a primary cause of peaks & troughs
  • Imagine the benefit of being able to provide your team with a consistent stream of pre-qualified sales opportunities.
    • Less time prospecting
    • More time developing qualified leads and closing business
    • A significant reduction in peaks and troughs resulting in better sales consistency

Objective 6

It's not uncommon for sales to be weighted toward specific products  or services, even if others represent a higher margin opportunity, are better differentiated or have higher strategic value to the business. 

  • The first priority for a salesperson is to hit their target and earn their commission
  • This often take the path of least resistance i.e. they’ll sell what they’re most comfortable with or what the client asks for
  • This can often be in conflict with your higher-level strategic objectives
  • It takes time to develop opportunities aligned to new or less established products/services
  • The simplest, fastest and most effective way is to make it as easy as possible for them to grow
  • One way is to get them involved only when an opportunity has been identified and theres qualified prospect that wants to meet
  • You get the specific focus you need and they're more engaged as there's a better chance of a successful outcome

Objective 7

Return on investment (ROI) is a major priority for all budget holders, and rightly so. Unless you have an unlimited budget it's essential that you're able to make informed, accurate decisions about which activities best deliver the outcomes you need.   

  • Always be clear about what you want to achieve before thinking about how you’re going to do it
  • Don’t go down the route of doing what you’ve always done, especially if you’re unsure about whether it’s delivered the end result you wanted
  • It’s a fact, some activities are better suited to certain objectives than others
  • Our service is designed to help you raise awareness, drive demand and develop very specific high quality types of sales opportunities with agreed criteria
  • We help you track each opportunity, where it leads and the final outcome
  • It’s a proven way of increasing sales activity and we make it easy for you to measure ROI

Objective 8

It's not uncommon for sales people to get stuck in a rut, going through the same process, talking to the same people and not making the gains they need.

  • Sometimes a fresh set of eyes can make the world of difference
  • Especially if that set of eyes can draw on years of experience having delivered hundreds of projects in your sector
  • We work for more than 30 clients at any one time, so we know what makes decision makers tick and the type of approach they're most receptive to
  • We add value by leveraging all of our knowledge & experience to help find the right approach for you, regardless of who you want to target and the outcome you want to achieve



“The service from Results is high quality, everything we receive is very well researched, qualified and in line with the brief we set out in the beginning.”


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