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In life and in business, you generally get what you pay for. Think of the choice of traveling to continental Europe with British Airways versus a budget airline such as Ryanair.  Initially, you may think you are getting a great deal until you examine the finer details.

 The hidden costs at every turn, a 5am taxi ride to the airport, cramped legroom, less than comfortable seating, high-pitched and incessant on-board announcements flogging all manner of cologne, gadgets and scratch cards will test your patience. You ‘arrive’ at your ‘destination’ on the periphery of existence, countless miles from the city break destination you booked. As you are herded towards a ticket booth to purchase a ticket for the two-hour bus journey the regret sinks in.

British Airways charge a higher price because they deliver you to your end goal quicker in more comfort, with less hassle, effort, and hidden costs to you.

The same principle applies to our strategic, intelligent, industry specific telemarketing agency, Results. Once we have had the opportunity to meet with potential clients, walk them through in detail what we do, and how we work, they quickly grasp where the value is and the subsequent benefits we bring.

We charge a premium price for a reason – we provide a premium and highly specialised service.

Undoubtedly, hiring a telemarketer in-house or employing the services of a generic telemarketing agency would, on the surface at least, be cheaper. Without dwelling on the shortcomings of these options, it’s fair to say if your objectives are sector specific and tightly defined, they are unlikely to have a significant impact without a considerable time investment from you, thus do not offer value for money.

This is where Results is different. After all, what value would you place on: three decades of industry knowledge, a track record of delivering hundreds of successful projects, extensive market intelligence, a colossal cache of relevant data related to companies, people and projects and a highly trained, motivated and well-managed workforce?

At Results, we do not measure cost effectiveness and success through vanity metrics such as volume of calls. We are not interested in bamboozling you with pie charts, Venn diagrams and marketing drivel. Our targeted approach aligns and balances quantity with quality, producing concrete results and return on investment while letting you set the parameters.

Employing a structured and proven framework to achieve predefined goals, starting with an initial induction meeting, we gain a deep understanding of your specific aims. We then work with you to define the criteria that ALL opportunities have to meet.

For example, you may be a building products manufacturer that wants to increase specification-led business. Initially, you may wish to target the end client or architect but will also want to ensure the specification is safeguarded from value engineering by engaging with main contractors and the supply chain. Results can help!

Results will only pass on opportunities that meet these criteria – If it doesn’t meet the criteria it doesn’t get in front of you.

Behind the scenes our dedicated team uses their extensive ability and experience to leverage worthwhile information from a vast amount of fluid project, company and contact data as well as our comprehensive internal databases. This information is then fed to our highly trained telemarketers who utilise it to create high-quality opportunities and appointments for your sales force.

After meeting the tightly specified brief, we will endeavour to work closely with your sales team to help inform, manage and develop a future pipeline of opportunities.

Our team understands that with a premium price comes high expectations. Therefore, if it is felt we cannot deliver on a client’s expectations, we will not take on the project. Additionally, our flexible approach means that if your business aims alter or the criteria needs fine-tuning, we have the resources and expertise to seamlessly shift focus.

Having survived two major recessions and witnessed consistent year-on-year growth, we can offer your company stability, continuity and flexibility.

Expenditure on outsourced marketing, advertising and public relations, as well as trade exhibitions can be equally or more expensive than our services. Additionally, interest invoked through these routes is likely to be cursory, generic and lack the immediate and targeted impact that we deliver.

Over the course of a year, an average client, that retains our service for two days per week, receives approximately 200 opportunities that meet the stipulated requirements and with a 90% client retention rate for the last three years, we must be doing something right.

Put simply, Results can deliver your business to their end goal quicker, bringing an exponential return on the initial investment and creating strategic opportunities with high yield potential and the prospect of repeat business.

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