Top 5 telemarketing myths | Results

Do you want to enter new markets? Effectively qualify a market opportunity? Build strategic relationships?

Many construction, built environment and industrial companies get caught out by common misconceptions about telemarketing when searching for help with business development.

Make sure you’re not one of them.

Here are the top five telemarketing myths you can’t afford to ignore:

MYTH 1 – ‘It’s a numbers game’

It’s actually a research game.

Good telemarketing doesn’t focus on the volume of calls or the number of leads being generated. Quantity alone doesn’t provide you with the right type of opportunities – good leads you’ll be able to progress.

Rather, success comes from researching prospects before you pick up the phone, so you know, broadly speaking, who you need to talk to and what their goals and pain points are.

When you have a well trained, experienced specialist at the end of the phone prospects don’t feel annoyed: they feel like they’re speaking to a professional who’s actually trying to help them solve a problem.

MYTH 2 – ‘My sales teams should be conducting my telemarketing’

Your sales people add value by building relationships and closing business. This takes time and focus – generating and qualifying leads isn’t a cost effective use of their time.

Telemarketing improves the overall effectiveness and the efficiency of your sales team by:

  • Increasing the amount of time they spend in front of genuine decision makers at the right time in the purchasing process, because they’re focused on viable opportunities that meet agreed criteria
  • Plugging the skills gaps for team members who struggle with, don’t enjoy or don’t have time to focus on this element of business development

MYTH 3 – ‘It’s full of unskilled, untrustworthy phone bashers’

Think telemarketing and telesales and you instantly think pushy PPI caller.

However, this isn’t the case when it comes to quality B2B telemarketing specialists who understand your industry, your customers and their supply chains.

Acting as an extension of your sales team, quality B2B telemarketing specialists:

  • Provide telemarketing, business development and research services specifically for your industry
  • Offer extensive experience and proprietary market intelligence
  • Deliver projects with clear, measurable objectives so you can track your return on investment
  • Provide real-time feedback and give you ownership of all data relating to your project

MYTH 4 – ‘It’s only suitable for basic products and services’

Telesales is only the start of the sales process.

Callers with industry expertise, proprietary intelligence and an in-depth understanding of your business open up the door for you to meet well-qualified prospects at the right time in the decision making process.

Good B2B telemarketers will specialise in dealing with complex propositions, and have processes in place for ensuring they understand the intricacies of what you offer.

They’ll therefore be able to speak intelligently about your proposition, how it aligns with the problems your clients need to solve and specifics like building regulations and the latest government guidelines.

MYTH 5 – ‘Telemarketing’s cheap’

For telemarketing to work you have to make an investment. If you invest in cheap services then you’ll get a cheap service in return, wasting your money in the process.

Where it stands out from other sales and marketing activities is the measurable return on investment. Unlike, for example, exhibitions, you can link your spend to quantifiable results – and see exactly how your budget is driving revenue.

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