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At Results, we never work from scripts. Never have done and we never will.


Because we don’t believe they work. At least not for the construction, built environment and industrial clients we work for and, especially not for the highly qualified leads they want us to create.

Sure, in the generic world of B2C and, even some types of B2B telemarketing, there is certainly a place for a script. In a highly governed sector such as financial services for instance, certain rules must be followed. Likewise, if you’re trying to sell a low value or highly commoditised product or service, one could argue it’s more about the consistency of the message and achieving high call volumes that determines success so, again, a script can be effective tool.

If you’re trying to deliver a more complex message and want to create a highly qualified opportunity, before you can even think about your ‘pitch’, the first priority is to properly qualify that the prospect has a need, and that there could be a potential fit for the product, service or solution you provide. In this scenario, a script will fail. Every single time.

Scripts are very rigid, that’s the whole point of them; to precisely control what information is given and when. But this is a major problem, especially when you’re trying to create a meaningful sales opportunity by means of an informed, intelligent dialogue between two people that know their onions. I believe it’s called a conversation?

Sure, I’m making certain assumptions here….

To work in this way requires knowledge, both of what you’re selling and to whom you’re trying to sell too. You have to understand the potential needs of your prospect, and the different ways in which your product, service or solution can help them. You must be aware of your competition, both direct and indirect i.e. who else is competing for the same budget, and be able to differentiate yourself effectively. You must quickly read, and then respond, to the persons demeanour to ensure you use the right language and approach, and adapt accordingly when various objections are inevitably presented. Finally, you need a genuine ability to build rapport quickly, without the benefit of sitting in front of somebody where you can read their body language to gauge how receptive they are to what you’re saying.

I’m not trying to sell the benefits of outsourcing to a specialist here. This applies to ANY organisation that wants to proactively develop new business over the telephone. It doesn’t matter whether you do it in house or outsource to a 3rd party – when it comes to scripts, unless it is absolutely essential – avoid it at all costs.

If you provide a product, service or solution to the construction, built environment or industrial markets, and you would like to discuss how an outsourced service could help you then please contact me on 07917 786991 or at dave.rainbow@resultsagency.co.uk

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