Objective 6 - Results Agency

It’s not uncommon for sales to be weighted toward specific products  or services, even if others represent a higher margin opportunity, are better differentiated or have higher strategic value to the business. 

  • The first priority for a salesperson is to hit their target and earn their commission
  • This often take the path of least resistance i.e. they’ll sell what they’re most comfortable with or what the client asks for
  • This can often be in conflict with your higher-level strategic objectives
  • It takes time to develop opportunities aligned to new or less established products/services
  • The simplest, fastest and most effective way is to make it as easy as possible for them to grow
  • One way is to get them involved only when an opportunity has been identified and theres qualified prospect that wants to meet
  • You get the specific focus you need and they’re more engaged as there’s a better chance of a successful outcome

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