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The Team

Dave Rainbow


Co-owner Dave has worked alongside brother Mark at Results since 2005 and is responsible for business development, senior level client relationships and all things finance.

He works closely with prospects and clients to help define their objectives, develop their market proposition and determine strategies that will deliver the top-level results they need.

His industry know-how and extensive experience mean he’s well placed to advise on effective ways for our clients to reach their target audiences.

Master of winning new business

Over a decade of industry experience

Likes travelling, red wine and winning. Dislikes offal, illogical people and losing


The Importance of effective follow up

You simply cannot underestimate the importance of an effective follow-up strategy as part of your on-going business development process. Preparing properly for meetings is essential but, in all reality, if you’re not going follow through on the various actions agreed in a timely and professional manner, and then maintain regular contact to progress the relationship, […]

Return on TIME Investment

The starting point when considering any telemarketing or new business development activity should be the return on investment you want to achieve. Most people measure ROI in financial terms, but an equally important factor is return on TIME investment. Making people busy is a relatively easy thing to do, but often not very useful in […]