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With the right skills and the right data, telemarketing or cold calling provides highly qualified leads ready for you to convert into customers. Successful cold calling consistently delivers sustainable results.

It’s a hugely important role, which can also be rewarding and fulfilling for the cold caller. But one of the main problems with cold calling is the fact the majority of people who do it don’t enjoy it. Unfortunately, this comes across to the people they’re selling to.

Why don’t cold callers enjoy their work? Usually because they:

  • Work with different clients every day
  • Are unable to form a relationship or connection with these clients
  • Use poor quality data, which results in a high ‘no’ response rate
  • Work for people who only care about call statistics and number-driven KPIs
  • Don’t understand the company, products or sectors they’re targeting

It’s no wonder cold callers struggle to stay motivated.

To make sure your sales team doesn’t fall into the same trap, here are five things you need to stop doing now:

DON’T – get hung up on getting the script right

That’s because they don’t work. They make conversations too rigid, preventing your sales team from building a rapport with prospects.

However, what is important is the structure of the conversations your callers are having. Are they clear about the information they should be extracting from their prospects?

It’s only when you engage somebody in conversation that you achieve the correct balance of giving and sourcing information.

Make sure your team has researched the prospect thoroughly – how they work, their values, their supply chain – and the conversation will flow.

DON’T – be blinkered by focusing on the close

Too many sales managers make the mistake of getting their teams to focus on the close when they should be constantly qualifying.

Instead, telemarketers should be professional, informative and helpful. When you’re constantly qualifying, the close will naturally present itself at the appropriate time.

DON’T – get fixated on quantity over quality

Contrary to popular belief, telemarketing isn’t a numbers game. Getting to know who’s at the end of the phone is what really matters.

Churning out lots of calls won’t provide you with quality leads you can develop. You’ll just drown in a sea of poor leads.

What are your prospects’ pain points? Their common challenges? Objectives? What drives their decisions?

Researching these details may take time, but it’ll enable your sales team to make more informed calls and engage your prospects by speaking to them on their level. And once the prospect has been qualified during an informed conversation with one of your team, you’re in a prime position to close the business.

DON’T – base your training on processes

Base your staff development on processes and you’ll wind up with a sales team that focuses on you rather than the needs of your potential customers.

Success stems from communication and empathy. How can you help your sales team recognise and establish this?

Give them in-depth training on the brief you want to deliver so they have an eye on the bigger strategic picture, not just individual targets.

Remember, they’re representing your business as the first point of contact, so the right training is crucial to creating the right impression. It’s important that they’re natural, not robotic, in the way they deal with potential customers.

DON’T – focus on selling – focus on helping instead

While getting into the mindset of decision makers isn’t unique to telesales, it’s crucial to your team’s effectiveness. This means you need to know more than just contact details.

Think about the personas you’re targeting. What are their pain points and how does your product or service help them? What are their challenges? How much do you know about their supply chain?

When you know the answers to these questions you can focus on helping rather than selling to your prospects.

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