Not your stereotypical telemarketing | From a Results account manager

Not your stereotypical telemarketing: A day in the life of a Results account manager

When I tell people what I do, they automatically think of a soulless office where employees in headsets cold call people at random.

That couldn’t be further from what Results does, and there’s always a light bulb moment when I explain what I actually do on a daily basis.

I really like working for companies selling products and services into construction, built environment and industrial markets because the propositions are interesting and the process we go through is very strategic. My colleagues work closely with clients to define a clear pre-engagement strategy, using quality data to identify the right people to approach. My job is to leverage this business intelligence and create the opportunities, so our clients only meet with qualified decision makers.

The secret of my success is constant qualification

One skill that I’ve really developed during my time at Results is constantly thinking about qualifying an opportunity. I do this on every call, whether I speak to a prospect once or ten times, and whether they are the main decision maker or just an influencer.

What does this involve? Essentially, my aim is to start a two-way dialogue where I’m asking the right questions and providing the right information to move a conversation forward. The key is not to make a series of random sales calls but to engage relevant prospects in informed conversations.

When I first speak to a prospect, they may not know much about the client I’m representing. So it would be a mistake to start talking about why the product or service is so much better than everyone else’s. Instead, I ask questions to demonstrate my knowledge of the prospect’s pain points and challenges, which I’m able to do because we spend so much time understanding the market and the proposition before I even pick up the phone.

Gradually, I’m able to start to provide them with useful information, and get them to think about my client as the answer to their problems. Then I’m also able to home in on the people that have the most influence over the purchasing decision. For example, through conversations I may find out that on an upcoming project it’s a subcontractor and not the main contractor that’s responsible for the relevant decision.

That feedback is invaluable in ensuring that, when I do arrange an appointment for the client, the salesperson will be speaking with a relevant influencer or direct decision maker who’s primed for a useful discussion.

Reports make it easy for clients to assess the value of the service we provide

Transparency is a key part of Results’ culture, which is great for clients and also extremely motivating.

I keep very detailed reports on all my activity, so my clients know exactly what’s going on with a project at any given point. We calculate metrics like the total value of the pipeline we’re delivering, which means my colleagues and I always know exactly how we’re contributing to clients’ new business goals.

It’s a true partnership with client teams

Ultimately, my aim is to help clients win new business by developing quality opportunities on their behalf.

Because my colleagues and I focus on the pre-engagement part of the sales process, our clients’ sales people can focus on making the most of face-to-face meetings, which leads to improved success – whether that be increased specifications or closed business.

No two projects are the same because the proposition and routes to market vary so much. But our case studies and testimonials give a good flavour of how we help our clients. Have a look at what clients say about working with us – it’s great to have such wonderful feedback.

“Results are particularly expert in the construction sector and I would say their knowledge and data on key stakeholders groups, such as architects and main contractors, is unrivalled. Their other USP is their highly effective and well-trained staff who always deliver great results.”

Chris Witte, Head of Marketing, Kingspan Benchmark

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